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Massage therapist, Healer & Minister

 Melvin Casey 

Melvin Casey 

License Massage Therapist

My Healing practice is based on the foundation of Love. Love is the vehicle for healing any ailment. Through an open heart and with pure intention, in faith and in grace, in devotion and service to the Light of the Creator anything is possible."Healing happens in the heart. When we identify the root of our suffering and shift our energy, we can change anything."

            Melvin Casey


A spiritual teacher creating leaders not followers

4 Horsemen Ministries 

Casey Healing Wellness

Casey Healing Wellness

Transformation Sunday Podcast

Keys to Zion

Keys to Zion: Unlocking Your Divine power. 

Spiritual Guidance, Massage Therapy and Holistic Healing in NY/NJ


The true practice of healing is not just the magical disappearance of an ailment or the miraculous submission of an incurable disease; it is the addressing of ones issues at a seed level. When we make a shift in our consciousness and transform our nature we heal our self in accordance with universal law.​  If we are experiencing physical, mental or emotional suffering it is a direct sign that we are not performing our spiritual duties and are out of sync with our Upper Self. In this case the universe sends us a message in the form of a judgement.

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